Travel Guides Australia Auditions 2019 Details

Travel Guides 2019 is an Australian travel reality series which debuted on the Nine Network on 14 February 2017. It follows six groups of customary Australians who go up against the activity of travel faultfinders who encounter that week-long global and local holidays, and survey a similar settlement, food, and local sights. The series of Travel Guides is in view of a comparable program of a similar name made by UK product organization Studio Lambert in the year 2015.

Travel guides 2018 Auditions

In the time period of May 2017, the series was renewed for a second one. In October 2017, the second season was authoritatively affirmed at Nine’s upfront with three travel direct gatherings from the main season set to return.

About Travel Guides Australia:

Nine’s entertaining and addictive Travel Guides will take off for an unbelievable second series in 2018. The holiday stiff necks Kevin and Janetta, and cowgirls Stack and Mel will return, in addition you’ll meet some new faces to visit new places at home as well as abroad. The travel aides will encounter that week-long occasion and audit a similar accommodation, cooking and local sights. Their experiences and authentic shenanigans will engage and astound you as they convey a no holds barred audit and rate their stay out of five stars.

The show is narrated by Aussie humorist Denise Scott. The show likewise includes various different characters, including cowgirls who’ve never left Australia, deal seekers and travel big talkers.

The show has arranged these Aussies in a Gogglebox-style show where they study different travel encounters. The show guarantees to sparkle an exceptionally intriguing and various light on how unique individuals see worldly encounters.

Travel Guides Auditions 2019:

Based on previous season, below are the expected requirement of Travel Guides season 3:

  • You must be a group of two to four people
  • At least one member of your group must be aged 21 or over
  • You must be able to travel between august and november 2017
  • All applicants must be australian citizens or have been a permanent resident of australia for at least two years

Apply For Travel Guides 2019 Auditions:

Follow the below steps to apply for season 3:

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