The Amazing Race Australia Auditions 2019 Details

The Amazing Race Australia is an Australian reality show in view of the American TV version, The Amazing Race. On 19 July 2010, Seven Network bought the format rights to create the Australian version. The show is distributed by Disney Media Distribution Asia Pacific. The host of the Amazing Race Australia is Grant Bowler.

The Amazing Race Australia 2019 Auditions

The show is the third Asia-Pacific form of the franchise after The Amazing Race Asia and The Amazing Race: China Rush; be that as it may, it is the primary adaptation by a nation with English as its first dialect. The prize for the triumphant team is a whopping A$250,000.

Will There Be A The Amazing Race Australia 2019:

The Amazing Race Australia didn’t return with new season in 2016, 2017, 2018 and now all eyes on 2019 season. From last three year fans has been continuously asking and eagerly waiting for new season, though no official comment or news on it. If you visit Amazing Race Australia official fb page and read visitors post or comments, you will see how eagerly fans are waiting for new season and wants to participate in the auditions.

The Amazing Australia Auditions 2019 Requirements:

Based on previous season below are the expected auditions requirement:

  1. There must be 2 applicants in a team.
  2. You should be 21 years or more.
  3. Both applicants in the team should be residents of Australia or New Zealand.
  4. The applicants must share about themselves.
  5. They must also say why the want to join the race.
  6. The applicants will provide 3 passport size photos of themselves.

The Amazing Race Australia Teams:

Each team is made out of two people who have some kind of relationship to each other. A sum of 64 members has joined The Amazing Race Australia.

About The Amazing Race Australia:

The Amazing Race Australia is a reality TV competition between groups of two out of a race far and wide. The race is partitioned into various legs wherein groups travel and complete different errands to acquire pieces of information to enable them to advance to a Pit Stop. The first team to touch base at a Pit Stop is regularly granted a prize (up to the estimation of A$10,000) while the last team is typically dispensed from the race (aside from in non-elimination legs, where the last group to arrive might be punished in the accompanying leg). The last leg of each race is controlled by the last three remaining teams, and the first to touch base at the last destination wins the A$250,000 money prize.

The Amazing Race Australia Clues:

Pieces of information are found all through the race in fixed envelopes, regularly inside hint boxes. They give teams the data they need and errands they have to do with the end goal for them to advance through the race.

The Amazing Racing Australia Obstacles:

Amid the race, teams may confront the accompanying which may conceivably back them off:

Yield: It is the place a team can drive another trailing team to hold up a pre-decided measure of time before proceeding with the race.

U-Turn: It is situated after a Detour where a group can drive another trailing team to return and finish the other choice of the Detour they didn’t choose.

Intersection: It is the place two teams must complete additionally errands together until the point that a piece of information shows that they have been uninterested.

The Amazing Race Australia Rules:

For the primary season of the show, both colleagues are to play out a most extreme of 6 Roadblocks. It is accepted that a comparative rule was utilized for season 2 yet there were a few detours that went un-aired.

Also, unless generally expressed, for example, amid Roadblocks, team members must remain inside 6 meters of each other and remain nearby to their doled out camera and sound team.

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