Little Big Shots Auditions 2019 Details

Little Big Shots is a famous Australian show which debuted on the Seven Network on 27 August 2017. It is based on the American format of a similar name, is hosted by Shane Jacobson and highlights performances by kids matured 3 to 13 years old. The show is made by Warner Bros. Universal Television Production.

Little Big Shots 2019 Auditions

The program was set to debut on 16 July 2017, yet was postponed because of the appraisals achievement of Australian Ninja Warrior on match channel Nine Network; it consequently debuted on 27 August 2017. In September 2017, the series was reestablished for the 2nd season requesting kids aged from 4 to 13 to take part.

The show has garnered a lot of attention from the viewers of Australia since the format is appealing with kids showcasing their talents and making people wanting for more.

Little Big Shots Show Ratings:

Channel Seven simply hit the big stake by doing precisely that. The recent episode of Little Big Shots was an appraisals victor for the system with 1.67 million watchers, making it the most watched program on to air. The family amicable show, which is hosted by Shane Jacobson, crushed its opposition including The Block (1.15 million) and The Project (327,000).

Little Big Shots was made by Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey and Channel Seven have been advancing the Australian variant of the show throughout recent months. Unmistakably the promotion paid off with watchers tuning in to the previous evening’s episode to see a variety of gifted children displaying their astounding talents. Refreshingly, the show is a talent show which doesn’t pass judgment on the contenders — they essentially let them perform, have a visit to them, and afterward proceed onward.

There were scenes of a five-year-old sheep shearer from NSW, a beautiful 12-year-old Indian kid who moves like no one’s viewing and a 12-year-old snooker swindler from QLD. Be that as it may, apparently the feature of the show was 12-year-old Jianyu Que from China who unraveled a Rubik’s 3D shape blindfolded, as well as at that point effectively finished three Rubik’s 3D shapes immediately utilizing his hands and his foot.

Shane Jacobson turned out to be the ideal host for the show and his one-on-one meetings with the gifted adolescents gave numerous features. The accomplishment of Little Big Shots, joined with the current achievement of Australian Ninja Warrior, recommends that family-accommodating TV is back in vogue with Aussie TV watchers.

Little Big Shots Auditions 2019:

Follow the below steps to apply:

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Little Big Shots Auditions 2019 Requirements:

Below are the requirement for Little Big Shots:

  1. Applications are open to all countries.
  2. Child age must be between 4 and 13 years (i.e. born between 24th September, 2005 and 24th September, 2013)
  3. A parent or legal guardian must complete this application form. We cannot accept applications from children.
  4. Must be amazing!
  5. Please provide 2-3 photos of your child.
  6. Please provide a short video to support their application.
  7. Applications can only be made online. Hardcopy submissions will not be accepted or processed
  8. A parent or legal guardian must complete this application form. We cannot accept applications from children.
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